What's it all about?

The conflict in Syria is devastating more lives every day. Every hour 300 people flee their homes in fear. Every month 6,000 more people are killed. 15 March marks three years since the conflict in Syria began, three years of the world failing to end the appalling suffering. Three years of fighting has left politicians weary of seeking solutions. Together, we can turn this round. Show that you are #withSyria by joining Faces for Syria.

How You Can Help

Join Faces for Syria by donating your image. On the eve of the 3rd anniversary - 14 March - your picture will join thousands of others to form part of an iconic image of support that will reach millions of people around the world.

At the same time we'll flood Facebook and Twitter with thousands of updates highlighting the desperate need for peace in Syria.

Together, we will shine a light for all those people struggling to survive through this brutal war.

We will show every Syrian child, woman and man that we are with them, that we are #withSyria.

How to join Faces for Syria

Upload your image by using Facebook or Twitter.

Simply choose the network you want use by clicking on one of the buttons on the right.

After logging in you'll be able to upload your picture. (You can choose an image on Facebook, on Twitter only your profile image can be used.)


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